How to stay healthy and happy during the flight?

Flight is always problematic for your immune system. Bacteria, dehydaration, sick fellow travelers, low humidity or small amount of oxygen can cause you various health problems. We prepared couple of advices to keep you healthy during long distance flight.

1. Choose the right seat

Many airlines offer possibility to choose seat on the board. Choose the most comfortable one for you. If you are taller, choose one with enough space for your legs. They are suffering the most during long distance flights. If you do not have possibility to choose a seat before flight, try to solve your problem with stewards.

2. Wear casual clothes

When you are choosing clothes for you flight, always think first about your comfort. Temperature on the board is not stable, so it is better to wear couple of layers. On Turkish airlines flights is cold in the summer but they are giving to the passengers blanket. Sweatshirt or light jacket will be always useful especially for long distance flights. Try to avoid loose-fitting clothes (such as skinny jeans), it can impede blood flow or cause your ankles to swell. Choose comfortable shoes. We do not suggest you to take high heels or anything heavy and uncomfortable.

3. Consult your health with physician

Consult your physician if you suffer from a chronic illness especially if you've been feeling worse or have had increased symptoms before your trip. Always take your prescribed medication and listen to advices of your doctor.

4. Stay hydrated

Airplanes have very low humidity, what can cause higher risk of dehydratation. Keep yourself hydrated during whole flight. Try to avoid coffee, alcohol and sweet soda with bubbles. The best choice is to drink plenty of water, juices or green tea.

5. Eat

It is imporant to eat during your flight. Food will keep your energy up, your blood sugar normalized and you won't be fighting a growling stomach to sleep. Do not overeat and choose food which will be easier for you to digest. Prefer warm food over cold one.

6. Boost your immune system

Prepare your body for flight in advance. Drink plenty of water, eat a lot of vitamin C and other important vitamins, minerals and probiotics, which may boost your immune system. Avoid drinking alcohol one night before your trip.

We hope, that you will enjoy all your flights with good health :)

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